About RIPA

About RIPA

The Rhode Island Pilots Association represents aviators based at six public use airports in the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations. As a member of RIPA, you can both participate with and benefit from us. We are here to promote the mutual benefit and welfare of our members as a part of the aviation community. We:

  • Promote aviation safety
  • Exchange information among our members as well as the general public concerning the aviation industry and general aviation
  • Foster good will and camaraderie among our members
  • Assist our members with issues relative to general aviation

Safety Seminars
We are the principal sponsor of all FAA Safety Seminars in Rhode Island. Safety Seminars are designed to promote and foster aviation safety and to refresh pilots’ aeronautical knowledge and skills.

RIPA hosts many events and activities throughout the year including breakfast / brunch fly-ins, the Fly RI series (where we picnic at each of the state’s airports to check their facilities), beach parties, camping trips, hangar parties, and the Annual Holiday Gala. Members join in the Fly to Brunch Bunch — where at the last minute a destination is announced. We also join up at other events such as the Annual International Seaplane Fly-In at Greenville, Maine. In addition, there is the annual St. Patrick’s Day Brunch on Block Island, an ice cream social, July 4th on Block Island, a Valentine’s Day Dinner, and more! All are welcome to participate in our events! Sometimes impromptu get-togethers are organized at the Facebook Group, so be sure to check in!

Monthly Meetings
RIPA holds a dinner meeting on the second Tuesday of each month (with the exception of July and August) highlighted by noted guest speakers from the aviation community. Dinner is $30 per person for members (reserved in advanced), $35 for non-members or non-reservation, or $5 for just coffee and dessert. Cocktails are at 6:00, Dinner is at 6:30, and the Meeting/Presentation is at 7:00 PM. See the listings on our Meetings & Events page for more details.

The Plane Paper
The Plane Paper was published for many years by our late RIPA Secretary Marilyn Biagetti. Following Marilyn’s passing, Graeme Smith kindly took over the editing duties for a year. We are currently in need of a new editor if someone would like to step up to the plate and take over the publishing duties.

This informative newsletter took a lot of work to edit and publish every month, but was a true labor of love that helped tie the RIPA together. Previously, The Plane Paper included news of interest to our members, the aviation community, features such as solos and new ratings, notices of upcoming meetings, seminars and events, member stories, classifieds, and more! One day we may get back to publishing this signature publication, but in the meantime, we will try to reach out to our membership via our website and Facebook Group ”Rhode Island Pilots Assn Public Group”.

Legislative Issues
RIPA monitors the RI Legislature for aviation-related topics, and was instrumental in relieving the RI Sales Tax on aviation purchases. In past years, curfews, towers, potential runway closures, runway shortening, tree obstruction cutting, and noise complaints have been addressed both locally and statewide.

The Windsock Program
Aviators know that wind direction and speed can vary over time and over the length of a runway, and have reason for concern. This concern resulted in the establishment of our Windsock Program. RIPA — with the good wishes of RIAC (Rhode Island Airport Corporation) and the FAA — furnishes windsocks for each end of all the state’s runways. Members and/or airport managers monitor the condition of the windsocks and notify us when necessary. Windsocks, enthusiastically donated by the members, are changed as needed. Every RIPA-donated windsock says “RI PILOTS” on it. Donations for windsocks are always appreciated. Contact us to learn more, or if you’re interested in donating to this vital program.

Positive Connections
RIPA has developed good working relationships with major aviation entities such as RIAC (Rhode Island Airport Corporation — which controls state airports including TF Green State Airport at Providence), the FAA, Providence and Quonset Towers, Flight Level Aviation, and others. Our goal is to keep open the lines of communication between aviation users and the authorities.