Protecting, Promoting and Preserving General Aviation in RI

Many regard getting a pilot's license as a "license to learn". Earning an FAA pilot's license requires demonstrating knowledge and proficiency in the operation of an aircraft. However, most "good" pilots are not satisfied as simply being "proficient" in the operation of an aircraft and strive to "master" the operation of their aircraft, which requires using good judgement, knowledge of and following the FAA rules and regulations, an appreciation for aviation history, and knowing the basics of how an airplane operates both mechanically and aerodynamically. There are many different pilot ratings to achieve ranging from Sport Pilot, to Private, Commercial, ATP and Instructor. And there are many different types, makes and models of aircraft to learn to master along the way, including single-engine and multi-engine airplanes, rotocraft, seaplanes and taildraggers.

So for the beginner, how do you get started in aviation? Rhode Island has several flight schools where you can take a Discovery Flight and then take the next step to get proper lessons. The airlines also offer training programs.

Some of our FAA-approved Flight Schools in Rhode Island are listed below. (If your school is not listed below and you want to be added to the list, please drop us an email to